IT equipments and computers supply

Computers For Schools Burundi supplies all major brands of computers at cost-recovery basis-giving our clients exceptional value for money. This includes:

  • Desktop computers: new or refurbished.
  • Laptops: new or refurbished.
  • Servers.
  • Printers.
  • Network accessories.
  • Projectors.

The organization offer trainings in the following broad categories of ICT:

  • Microsoft office training
  • Computer Networking ;
  • Accounting Softwares;
  • Web Design and development;
  • Computer hardware maintenance ;
  • Short courses in programming ;
  • ICT integration in Education and learning institutions;
  • Information Technology for Institutional Management;
  • IT and Information management system, etc

Computer repair

The organization runs a comprehensive technical support for the computers we have deployed, through both preventive and curative interventions. Help is always available to our partner institutions and clients via telephone or e-mail contact.

Software development

CFSB has a technical team composed with the very talented programmers and software developers who listen to our customers and analyses their technical problems in other to find a software solution according to their request. The innovation, quality and computerizing the institutions of Burundi is our priority, we provide excellent software to our customers, training their staff on how to use it and runs a technical support and maintenance services at competitive prices on a scheme negotiable with them to suit their unique needs.


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    Computers For Schools Burundi is a non profit organization, registered as a charity organization in the Republic of Burundi under the ordinance number 530/386 of March 15, 2012. Our Head office is located at ROHERO I, Avenue de l’ONU, Galerie de l’innovation Bujumbura-Burundi.


    Promote the use of technologies of information and communication as the main engine of sustainable development in Burundi.

  • Mission

    Building a great capacity in assisting student’s community and the public to access and use the computer technologies more effectively to be able to reduce poverty in their families and country.

  • Management

    The board of CFSB is composed by the members coming from different Companies, NGO, and Government that present qualities of big respectability and morality to guarantee and to assure the credibility of our actions. The Organization is managed by the Executive Director, program director and other staff responsible for different aspects of its operations.

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